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Устаревшее Brick's Menu 2.1 Release + Source
06.11.2015, 05:46 PM (Последний раз это сообщение было изменено: 06.11.2015 06:01 PM DarkExaByte.)
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Sad Brick's Menu 2.1 Release + Source
Brick's Menu 2.1

Despite only releasing my previous menu 2 days ago, I have decided to release a new update again. Why? TUNABLES
[Изображение: o9PVcvf.jpg]
[Изображение: 2uq4wJX.jpg]
[Изображение: GdHay9H.jpg]
Keep in mind this menu is made to boost enjoyment, not to grief/troll other players
Spawn randomized peds with 7.5-10k cash
Tunables to enable Christmas, Independence and Valentines day content, as well as turn on snow and enable 999k bounties (only visual)
Spawn and customize vehicles
Explode a player if they are being a complete idiot
Make sure NumLock is ON

F5 - Open/Close Menu
Numpad 8 - Up
Numpad 2 - Down
Numpad 5 - Enter
Numpad 0 - Back
Numpad . - Home


Fixed Christmas/Independence day unlocks
Added Fireworks Launcher unlock
Made the online players only update every 1000 ticks (should help to stop any lagging people were having)



DarkExaByte отредактировал 06.11.2015 06:01 PM это сообщение по причине:

Тема уже существует - https://darkteam.net/forum/thread=grand-...ase-source

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