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Introducing Achievements Part II – Completing & Viewing Your Achievements
05.04.2013, 06:27 AM (Последний раз это сообщение было изменено: 05.04.2013 06:28 AM CipheeX.)
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Introducing Achievements Part II – Completing & Viewing Your Achievements
Now that the community knows that Achievements are coming to Need for Speed World it’s time to dive into how you’re going to be interacting with this new feature in the game!

Once Achievements are implemented in Need for Speed World one of the first changes you’ll notice is the new button on the in-game menu that will open the Achievements Log. The Achievements Log is where you’ll be able to view every achievement, see your progress towards completing them and redeem their rewards.

Here is a look at the new Achievements Log:

[Изображение: Blog_Achievement_Gadget1.jpg]
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1. Driver Profile – Displays the players’ Driver Name, Driver Level, Profile Badge and their Driver Score. On the top in-game menu it also displays your Achievement Badges.

2. Achievement Information – Displays the Achievement name, Badge and total amount of Driver Score that has been and can be earned by completing the Achievement Ranks. Once the player has completed all ranks for a specific achievement they will have earned all its Driver Points. Furthermore, for every rank completed, a star is added to its Achievement Badge.

3. Achievement Rank – Displays the different Ranks that can be earned within the Achievement. Select any rank to see what you have to do to complete it, as well as its reward. Remember, the greater the rank the greater the reward!

4. Achievement Reward – For every Achievement Rank there is a reward! The icon on the rank shows the type of reward for completing it. When players complete a rank it will turn green. If you see a ‘gift’ icon you have a reward waiting!

5. Achievement Reward Info – Displays the reward for the Achievement Rank. By default it will display the rank that the player is currently working towards unlocking, otherwise it will display the ranks with pending rewards. Players are able to select any Achievement rank to see their rewards. If the player has completed a rank and has a pending reward they can claim that reward by pressing, ironically enough, the ‘Claim Reward” button.

6. Achievement Progress – Displays a description of the Achievement, the player’s progress towards unlocking its next rank and the Driver Points that the player will receive for unlocking said rank. Once a rank is complete, the date of completion is also shown here.

7. Achievement Filter – This allows players to filter the Achievements displayed in the gadget. The filter options are:

- All: Displays all Achievements in NFS World (default filter)
- Pending Rewards: Only display Achievements with rewards that have not been claimed.
- Completed: Only displays Achievements that have at least one rank completed.
- In Progress: Only displays Achievements that the player is progressing towards completing.

8. Achievement Badges – When players complete Achievement Ranks they unlock the Badge associated with it. They can then choose up to four badges to appear in their Driver Profile by dragging them into these slots. There is a lot to the Badges and showing off your Achievements that we’ll cover at a later date.

The new Achievements Log is the primary method of interacting with your Achievements but there are other ways to view them and show them off! Probably one of the most personally rewarding feelings, other than claiming first place in a race, is when your time and effort finally pays off and you achieve a milestone. With Achievements we make sure that every milestone is celebrated by presenting the Achievement notification whenever an Achievement is completed.

The Achievement notification will show you the Achievement you unlocked, its badge and how much driver score you earned from the Achievement.

Check back tomorrow as we will be discussing how players will show off their Achievements and taking a deeper dive into the Achievement Badges.
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RE: Introducing Achievements Part II – Completing & Viewing Your Achievements
Before they will add achievement system , i need to install or sell some parts(because of gifts... if i receive something)
BTW.... 200 performance parts / 5 = 40 cars.. this is for boost players :| greedy..
At badges i see a treasure hunter icon... strange.. people that has more best th streak than th completed be careful...

LE:i think we will receive a car after complete all.. achievements
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