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Introducing Achievements Part III – Showing Off Your Achievements!
06.04.2013, 03:15 AM (Последний раз это сообщение было изменено: 06.04.2013 03:17 AM CipheeX.)
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Introducing Achievements Part III – Showing Off Your Achievements!
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So far we’ve already covered the basics about the new Need for Speed World Achievements System and how players are going to view them; today we’re going to be discussing how players will show off their Achievements to all their friends, opponents and other players!

Yesterday we briefly touch on Achievement Badges – when players complete Achievement Ranks they unlock the Badge associated with it. These badges are your primary method of showing off the type of driver you are and what achievements you’ve unlocked. In each player’s driver profile there are four slots that players can assign their Achievement badges to.

To assign a badge players simply need to open the Achievement Log and drag & drop it into a slot of their choice. Once the badges have been assigned to the slots they will appear in the Driver Profile, Event Lobby and Compare Driver screens as well as the HUD in freeroam. Essentially anywhere that you can view other driver’s information will also display the Achievement Badges.

We said before that the badges show off the type of driver you are and what achievements you’ve completed but that’s not the only thing they represent. The color of the badge’s border also represents how rare of an achievement it is. If the border around the achievement is black that means that the achievement isn’t very rare and a lot of players have completed that achievement.

However, if the border is gold that means that less than 5% of all active Need for Speed World players have completed that achievement rank and you are among the elite!

Tomorrow we’re going to dive into some details about how Achievements will affect the Community SpeedAPI and therefore some of our community sites like NFSUnlimited, NFS-S and WorldGarage so be sure to come back tomorrow!
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