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Title: Introducing Achievements Part V – Achievement Rewards
[Изображение: 20121207_nfsw_blog_Achievements_Day_05_L...30x351.jpg]
First things first; every Achievement Rank you complete has an award associated with it. This means that every time you complete a Rank you’ll get a reward. Once we post the full list of achievements (soon) the community will see just how many rewards are up for grabs!

The rewards range from Aftermarket Parts, Skill Mods, In-Game Cash to Performance Parts and even Cars and Card Packs! The rewards that players receive for completing an Achievement Rank will be based on that ranks difficulty. For example, the reward for the first rank you complete for a particular achievement may be some powerups or in-game cash but as you complete more ranks for the achievement the rewards will get much sweeter!

You may have noticed that we’ve used a car photo for every one of our “Introduction to Achievements” blogs so far; these are all cars (with their own Car Slot) that you can win by completing achievements! In total there are six cars to be won from completing Achievements, they are:

- Nissan Fairlady 240 ZG
- Ford Focus RS
- BMW M3 E92
- Lamborghini Gallardo VB
- Koenigsegg CCX

Yes, we know that this list only has five cars. There is one more car that has never been released in Need for Speed World that can only be won by completing achievements. We guarantee that every single person who plays NFS World has been waiting for this car and absolutely can’t wait to get their hands on it but we’re not going to tell you what it is yet….
[*]5 Limited edition cars(2 of them IGC or ex).. sounds good ccx and bmw e92 and with slots !!!
it's Bugatti Veyron ( 5000 DP ), the 6th reward car
we already know.. :)

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