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Устаревшее m0d_n00beit v3FF [1.30] [UNDETECTED]
16.11.2015, 03:56 PM
Сообщение: #1
Exclamation m0d_n00beit v3FF [1.30] [UNDETECTED]
[Изображение: qMcbCYC.jpg]
New layout - you can switch layouts in settings->layout. Choose default for the old layout
You can build your own menu layout and then save it - you only need to do this once, then it'll be loaded from the config
Hard lag player (cargo spam)
Game speed
Game speed aim
Hide hud
Portable radio
Radio station
Next track
Radio always off
Invisibility with visible vehicle
Disable controller menu controls
Superpunch2 (works on foot and in vehicles)
Choose spawned vehicles plate text
Improved rainbow color
Fast scrolling <> with numpad4/6
Crash fixes and bug fixes

Models/clothes tab replaced with 'Visuals':

Haven't worked much on the anims, but I've added the most important ones ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

To change hotkeys, open config.ini, replace the line, for example:

This will bind noclip to left control button. Buttons are lshift, rshift, lalt, f3, f4, np2, np3, np7, etc
Hotkeys and navigation:
DELETE - open/close menu
ENTER - select option
ARROW KEYS - up/down/left/right
RETURN - previous menu
LEFT SHIFT - speed boost
RIGHT ALT - noclip
SPACE - exit spectate
NUMPAD0 - teleport to waypoint
NUMPAD.DECIMAL - teleport to mission
NUMPAD7 - invisibility
NUMPAD9 - personal vehicle
NUMPAD1 - fix player/veh
NUMPAD3 - teleport in nearest vehicle
NUMPAD- - player triggerbot
NUMPAD+ - player aimbot

How to use:
Unpack the folder, launch 'inject.exe' and go to game, or go to game and launch inject.exe whatever. Alternatively, use Xenos 2.2 injector with settings->advanced->manual map, but config file won't work with Xenos MM.

All the files must be in the same directory.




Alexander Blade

DarkExaByte отредактировал 16.11.2015 04:26 PM это сообщение по причине:

1. В текстовом файле архива реклама.
2. Результаты VT должны быть на исполняемые файлы, а не на архив.
Реальный VT .exe - Гости не могут видеть ссылки. Пожалуйста под своим именем.
Реальный VT .dll - Гости не могут видеть ссылки. Пожалуйста под своим именем.

3. Тема закрыта, ссылка удалена, автору темы выдано предупреждение.

Тема закрыта 

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