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Title: NFS WORLD™ Archievement System
[Изображение: 531868_44922480182617bjpm3.jpg]

Competition Achievements
These achievements are earned by participating and playing in events. Race, outrun, hunt, escape…do it all and you’ll be on your way to winning a wide variety of achievements.

Collection Achievements
The more cars you collect, the more achievements you’ll earn!

Customization Achievements
Customize your ride! When you customize your cars’ look and performance you’ll be working towards unlocking more achievements!

Driver Achievements
Earn these achievements by leveling up your driver, earning cash and hitting various game milestones

Every achievement has up to 5 ranks to earn, each more difficult to achieve than the last. The first rank should be relatively easy to earn whereas the final rank will test your skill and endurance for they are the most difficult to win. However, hard work usually reaps great rewards, which we’ll talk about in a few days!

Driver Score
With every achievement that you unlock, you’ll earn Driver Points that count towards your overall Driver Score. The more achievements you win the higher your Driver Score will be! Essentially, the Driver Score is a representation of the type of player you are in Need for Speed World. If you meet a player with a high Driver Score, he or she is probably a seasoned Need for Speed World veteran!

Your Driver Score can be seen in virtually every menu in the game when you’re interacting with other Need for Speed World players, whether it’s the Event Lobby, Post race or comparing drivers.

What Happens with Level 60 Drivers & all the Stats & Races we already have we get archievements or we drive all new? like always no info from EA facepalm [/align]
Turn somebody into Russian.
[Изображение: slivkavpope.png]
(04.04.2013, 08:49 AM)thesimpson : Turn somebody into Russian.

google translate :wink:
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Buy Achievemets card pack! you will receive broken pixels for nothing..
I saw a lots of people on ea forum.. they wants something better than achievement system.. like CHAT(closed 1 year..), Canyons(finished 95% .. or just 5%?) , Trade...(ea will lose money...greedy bastards),Server fix(fuckin` server error , out of memory and crash without error...).. This game was better when was beta(safehouse , world color(not current blueish), chat....few cars and WITHOUT SPEEDBOOST!
Now? Pay2Play...
they should be deprioritized from work and money..
(04.04.2013, 09:19 AM)MaxMade :
(04.04.2013, 08:49 AM)thesimpson : Turn somebody into Russian.

google translate :wink:

He badly translates text!!
[Изображение: slivkavpope.png]

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