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Trick to get 2 Same gadgets
12.07.2014, 10:28 AM
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Trick to get 2 Same gadgets
hi guys today i am going to tell you how to get 2 same gadgets at one time,well first of all here are the requirements
Requirements- A "Unlock All" hack,you can use Andorid cheat

Procedure-First lets start with the assault class.i am taking example of first aid kit

1.Make first gadget to "first aid kit" and second gadget to whatever you like but still do not activate unlock all cheat
2.when you will spawn activate the unlock all,choose first gadget to somewhat you did not unlocked yet but its still showing to choose because you have activated unlock all and second gadget to first aid kid
3.now you will spawn with first gadget to nothing and second gadget to first aid kit
4.now close your game and again connect without activating unlock all and you will see that your both gadgets are first aid kit

Caution-i take example of first aid kit and you can do with any other gadget too and make sure you must have a locked gadget to use it.

Feel free to comments if you need help

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